‘Satatam’: An Experience for Our Learning Community

The Professional Development Conference, an addition to our already robust repertoire of training calendar, brought the entire Heritage community, right from our didis and bhaiyas to the school head into the ‘school’ where they stepped into the shoes of the child and experienced activities like circle time and writing workshops. Here are the details of the highlights of the conference:

  • Learning through Games: Games help to create a context in which children’s attention is focused on the completion of a task with a by-product which is ‘learning’. This interactive workshop opened the world of games in learning.
  • Nurturing the Soul: This workshop helped participants develop an understanding of the developmental needs of young children and gave an insight into how to create a culture of wonder, reverence and joy.
  • The Magic of Re?reading: This workshop focused on powerful instructional practices to build foundation for reading and writing skills within the context of joyful classrooms and engaging content.
  • Reader’s Workshop: This workshop focused on close reading strategies and how they can be applied to a classroom setting using crew dynamics to create a deeper level of comprehension.
  • Writer’s Workshop: This workshop de?mystified the process of writing using the 6+1 traits of effective writing and instilled confidence in the writer to reach out to her reader.
  • Circle Time: This workshop looked at circle time as a pedagogy, shared the framework and strategies to build this circle of trust with the students.
  • Impact of Disabilities in Learning: The workshop included information regarding various disabilities which are commonly seen in the regular classroom setting and how it impacts learning. It also included strategies that regular classroom teacher can use to better support students with these disabilities or disorders in the classroom setting.
  • Identification and Intervention ? Learning Disabilities: The idea of this workshop was to develop a conducive school environment where children can learn, develop their social emotional learning and the foremost goal is the unification of general education and special education.
  • Inclusion and Collaboration: The workshop covered the real definition of inclusion and rationale for collaborative relationships as practiced by the Heritage vision.
  • Being Smart with Technology: This interactive workshop familiarised the participants with about few IT tools every teacher should know about.

Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to exclude photographs of children whose parents did not grant us permission, any inclusion is inadvertent and regretted

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