As a Heritage parent, you play a vital role in the holistic education of your child as well as in this community you are a part of. Parents-as-partners is a philosophy that manifests itself in various active roles that parents play – chaperons on field trips, subject experts, guest lecturers, storytelling volunteers, tradition imparting grandparents – thereby integrating them into all aspects of the curriculum, classroom and beyond. A genuine commitment to form a partnership between school and parents through dialogue and mutual respect stems from the strong belief that the relationship of these two major institutions – school and home – in a child’s life is essential for success and growth of the child. Parents are also our sounding board for different initiatives; familiarising them with the new language and purpose of the change and being co-travellers on this transformational journey is important. Professionally facilitated session on life skills, subject teaching methodology, study skills, adolescent development issues, goal setting workshops, one-on-one parent counselling as well as the openness of the schools in all their intentions, actions and attitudes with parents has allowed for transparent and empathetic communication between parents and children also.

Our current parents reiterate the view that Heritage kids make connections between their learning and real life, and apply knowledge across subjects and areas of life itself. They are more open to differing perspectives and generous in extending empathy to people different from them – whether it is the differently abled kids or those from lower socio-economic strata. The children wear confidence whether in presenting their projects in front of an auditorium packed with people or conversing on complex issues at ease with their crew classmates, whether playing out multi-layered characters in theatre or being vulnerable in a deeply reflective Samvaad dialogue.

With parent participation well entrenched into the classrooms and learning environment, the next step is the creation of a PSA (Parent Staff Association) to have ongoing conversation with parents about what they value in education and also to promote effective opportunities for parents to engage in the school community .

Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to exclude photographs of children whose parents did not grant us permission, any inclusion is inadvertent and regretted

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