Prakriya- our methodology

Experiential Learning Cycle
The spirit of The Heritage School that defines it and sets it apart from the rest is the Experiential Learning philosophy. In practice, it manifests as a way of life that is pursued by the entire Heritage community.

  • 1

    Children learn best
    by doing

    This hands-on approach enables them to grapple with a problem, issue or concept using all their senses. The learning experience thus becomes multi- dimensional and an internal, cognitive, sensory and emotional process. This engagement leads the children to the second stage.

  • 2


    The second step sees children examine their learning critically and creatively. Through sustained inquiry, they are able to probe further into the problem, concept or task at hand. This takes the child onto the third stage.

  • 3

    The questions that assail a child's mind

    After having experienced and reflected upon a problem seek a million plus answers via the dialogic approach. Dialogue helps the child to see the bigger picture, think outside the box, and engage collaboratively with others. It helps to focus on individual and interpersonal learning outcomes.

  • 4

    the child arrives at her destination

    After having had meaningful experiences, followed by reflection and dialogue, the child arrives at her destination, a richer and more fulfilled being. This helps the child to think and act independently. This manifests itself not only in terms of grades or marks but also real and meaningful understanding.

Areas of focus

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